IMPACT : A Two Day Event Jam


iMPACT is an iMPACT(ful) event jam where you can experience a medley of art forms in the span of two days. Brought to you by Makhluk Seni, we have collaborated with so many people so that you can experience something totally new!

Experience all your emotions with the powerful performances in the poetry open mics, and be fired up with a new artform, Baloh!: A Poetry x Debate Show.

Admire the rousing illustrations and tender poetry in our walk through gallery, showcasing pieces from Makhluk Seni's poetry-illustration ebook project, PACT: Poetry Art Collaboration Time.

You can also relax and learn new skills in the art jam, while chilling with our free and easy music appreciation sessions.

If you want to bond amongst other new friends - try the table top gaming sessions with Flowers, a top micro RPG game designer with an infectiously high energy. A great fun time is guaranteed!

And - if you really want to go out and try a brand new skill? Head on down for the beat boxing class on Saturday Night. And if you want to dance it up and cool it down, bop into the dance floor at the After Party on Sunday Night.

What are you waiting for? GET TICKETS NOW, and you can experience something within your comfort zone, or jump out into new art grounds!

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*Tickets are based on classes and performances! Keep an eye out on the types of events below!

[CLASS] Make a Beat With It: How to Beatbox for Beginners, a Collaboration with Beatnation 11am-1pm
You can also learn how to Beatbox, reading time signatures and understanding flow. Beatnation's ABeatC, organizer and community leader will be showing you the ropes, climb and route when it comes to making fantastical sounds with your mouth, tongue and other parts of your face. Curious? Join us!

[CLASS] Hit the Dice, with Swords and Flowers 1-3pm
Feeling playful? Come play with us amongst the pop-up art gallery. This is a game session where Ben demonstrates how an RPG game is played, hosted and mastered. Hit the Dice is a session for the cores, to break their rut, and find out more about this budding new hobby.

[CLASS] What's up with Vinyl? brought to you by Sifters Asia 1-3pm
Find out what's the deal with vinyl! A Sifters Asia employee will be there to assist you and guide you through the soundscape that is vinyl music. Listen to that momentary glimpse, that scratch second time travel back into the moment, these wonderful musicians played and recorded their seni for the times to come. It's almost like listening to ghosts, and equally as haunting.

[PERFORMANCE] Lepak Harder, an Open Mic, a Collaboration with Jack It! 4-5pm
Feel the powerful poetry performances and tender lines from diverse array of talent from the local performers. Any performances are welcomed into this show - Poetry, music, even stand up comedy. These skillful artistes will envelope you in with all emotions, all in.

[PERFORMANCE] Baloh!: A Poetry x Debate Show 5-7pm
Poetry... and debate? Yes you heard that right! It's a debate! But in poetics. Feel that fire as you listen to this new artform as our two teams of poets battle it out onstage - all heat, all fire, one big point to make. The lineup is a strong, ensemble of poets who will exchange lines with metaphors, and try to win you over. The theme is love but the prompt will only be decided on stage. Who will win? Well, the bag is in your hands because as an audience, you too, get a say.

[CLASS] Beat Along - An Interactive Session with Beatnation 8-10pm
Have you ever heard of beatboxing and wonder how does beatboxing work? We can teach you how to make your very own beatbox sounds! Learn by watching those who have beat boxed before you
ABeatC is the lead teacher in Beatnation Education Programme. With more than 10 years of experience, he has gathered all kinds of insights on teaching beatboxing. He taught kids to adults on how to pickup beatboxing for their hobby, interest, or even becoming a Youtube star!

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[CLASS] Sketching Your Heart Out, a Collaboration with MYARTJamming 11am-1pm
If you're inspired by the visual and poetic works, why not learn and chill with drawing at an art jam brought to you by MyArtjamming! Hosted by the ever cheerful Cikgu Huda and the multi-artistic Zaty, group that encourages free draw and pursuing your art, your way. You'll be sure to bring home fun new skills to treasure forever.

[PERFORMANCE] Lepak Hardest, an Open Mic, a Collaboration with Jack It! 2-3pm
The second session for the open mic! Feel the powerful poetry performances and tender lines from diverse array of talent from the local performers. Any performances are welcomed into this show - Poetry, music, even stand up comedy. These skillful artistes will envelope you in with all emotions, all in.

[PERFORMANCE] Musical Collision, a competition run by Zim Ahmadi and OTAM 3-5pm
A singing songwriting competition will grace the stage of iMPACT to get your hype up, up, up! The prompts for this competition parallels the prompts for the creations in our gallery. Different voices, different notes, but one thing stays the same. Come find out what that is!

[CLASS] Break the Board, with Swords and Flowers 5-7pm
Feeling playful? Try out board games and RPGs with Flowers. From cutthroat beaordgames to immersive RPGs, come explore tabletop gaming with Flowers - a self-published local game designer. Discoer Malaysia's table top gaming scene and their creations: zines, games, print and plays. And so much more! Bring your friends to play a game, or make new ones by joining in on the event!

[PERFORMANCE] After Party with Abstract Nature 8-10:30pm
And once it's all done - it's time for an After Party with Abstract Nature to wrap up the two day event! Abstract Party is a one-of-a-kind after oarty Prthiv at @netunomusic will be serving up music and a dance floor for those who are looking to wind down on this Sunday evening.

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PACT: A Walk-Through Gallery 10am-10pm
Feel loved and inspired from the showcase of poems, illustrations, songs and stories. The creations are based on our daily prompts, and was created from fellow Makhluk Seni all around the world for our online poetry-artbook project, WELP x PACT. The works will be gracing the walls of the gallery for the entirety of the two days.

May 4 - May 5, 2019
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM MYT
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1 Class Admission SOLD OUT RM18.00
2 Class Admission SOLD OUT RM30.00
4 Class Admission SOLD OUT RM40.00
1 Performance Admission SOLD OUT RM12.00
2 Performance Admission SOLD OUT RM20.00
4 Performance Admission SOLD OUT RM30.00
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